The type of material sofa one buys depends on a number of factors. A sofa's upholstery should suit its surroundings and use. Sofas intended for everyday use should be covered in more durable fabric than sofas used in formal sitting rooms. Some materials are easy to clean, while textured fabrics may look prettier. One should also take the makeup of the household into account: an elderly couple with no pets and grown children will have different needs than a younger couple with toddlers, a dog, and a cat. Silk may be an appropriate choice for the older couple, but it will probably be ruined in the younger couple's home. Taking the time to choose the right fit is well worth it when considering how the body interacts with a sofa, from sitting and watching movies to reclining while taking a nap. Please consider the characteristics of each fabric type, the weave, the care and maintenance, and the fabric color before buying.

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