VIPsaloti is the largest company in Albania in the field of production and distribution of home furniture, which uses the most advanced Italian design and technology. VIPsaloti, founded in 1993 in the city of Vlore, Albania, entered the textile industry importing upholstery fabrics.

Construction of home furniture factory will enable the company to create a clear and a more ambitious profile, by supplying mainly the foreign market and less the domestic market. The design department, which includes Italian and interior designers and architects, is creating continuously a wide range of products, with high quality and aesthetics, in accordance with market demand and ever-changing taste of consumers.

The company has been developing rapidly in recent years, by increasingly improving the quality, aesthetics, and production technology. Simultaneously it has been positioning itself as a leading company in the production market of modern home furniture and interior design from hotels to offices. High quality, customer care, welcome of new ideas and close attention to detail are some of the keys to success of this company.

VIPsaloti is currently a leading company in the Albanian market. The Showroom in Vlore city, has been followed by a larger Showroom with area of 12.000m² in the Motorway Fier-Vlorë, which brings the innovation of Italian design and technology. Taking into consideration the architecture, design, techniques, exhibition quality and space, modeling and furnishing sectors, the service and customer counseling, the Showroom is considered the largest in Europe in the field of furnishing.

Being a leading company in the domestic market and a competitor in the foreign market for furniture, requires that the company should constantly adopt to the needs of time and market demand. Consequently it is a MUST the construction of a production factory, in order to fulfill the market need for qualitative and quantitative production. For this reason, VIPsaloti is working on building a factory with the latest technology for the perfection of existing production and the creation of new lines. Our motto is: elegance, style, refinement, practicality, functionality and respect should serve to our clients...

Address 1: Rruga "Odhise Kasneci", Vlore, Albania
Address 2: Km 7 Autostrada Vlore-Fier, Novosele, Vlore, Albania

Address 3: Rruga "Sulejman Delvina" Nr. 2, Tirana, Albania

Address 4: Via Schiaffino Simone, 25 20158, Milan, Italy
Address 5: 460 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118